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That Stupid Mattress Billboard

Every day, driving to work, I see that stupid. F-ing. Mattress billboard. And I hate it. HATE IT.

img credit: http://breakthroughbrand.com/

img credit: http://breakthroughbrand.com/

Yeah, that one. Who put it up? Why didn't they offer any other information? What the hell is tn? How am I ever supposed to remember any part of it long enough to find out? Is there ANYTHING sticky about the stupid black-and-white message on that damn billboard?

Since I drive to work every day, and that billboard has been up for a few months, I've had this this internal rant every day for the last few months. Unless someone is in the car with me who hasn't seen the billboard yet. Then the internal rant becomes an external rant.

Get to the point Schimke. Okay, so today, while at work, I was scrolling through a thrilling website compilation of '11 Pricing Page Examples To Inspire Your Own Design' (great stuff here, I know). And wouldn't you know it, I came across an example of a mattress site with nice design on their pricing page. It wasn't the people that put up the billboard, but I didn't know that immediately, so I had to Google the billboard to find out. Yeah, that means after three months I had a trigger that made me search the anxiety-inducing billboard.

Turns out, it's a really charming website, with a charming story and dammit, it both taught me something and made me want to buy their mattress. Way to go tn.com, your super-sticky message made me want to get down with that inexpensive, well-engineered mattress.

Introducing the Uber of the mattress world: