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Food Matters

This topic is inspired by personal experience - the frustration of trying to heal from symptoms related to food sensitivities & digestive issues and getting no real help from medical doctors in the process. I had multiple symptoms that could no longer be ignored and I was afraid of the direction my health would go if I didn't fix them.

I knew there was a correlation to diet, and so I started experimenting. I also went to doctors for help. The naturopath suggested an elimination diet, and the medical Dr. wanted to prescribe 4 different medications at me for 4 of the symptoms that she asserted "were not related". I chose to forgo the medication and focused on diet instead.

After 6 months of insanely clean eating I got rid of the symptoms I knew were related to diet, and others I had no idea could be fixed by eliminating certain foods (such as joint pain I'd had for years and a weird nerve issue I had in my back). It frustrates me that a medical Dr. wasn't able to help me, that our medical system focuses on masking issues rather than promoting healing. 

The documentary "Food Matters" is really great and delves into factors in the medical industry that have perpetuated these issues (the fact that medical doctors don't get nutritional training, that the medical industry is motivated by profit, and how actual cures and prevention for diseases exist and have been scientifically proven, but are being covered up by the FDA). I don't expect everyone to watch the full documentary (which is on Netflix), and I can't find any good clips on youtube. Instead, this article hits on one of the important points in the documentary which illuminates deception perpetuated by big pharma and the FDA for the sake of profit. Food Matters is worth watching for greater context if you have the time.

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Primary Content: Food Matters Documentary (also free on NetFlix)
Additional Content: http://www.naturalnews.com/049816_Big_Pharma_cancer_industry_medical_profits.html

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