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WTH is an Amazon Dash Button

I was confronted by a product slide (featured above) while on my way to (like it's a real journey to a digital destination) Amazon.com to buy something I've already forgotten about. Being the short-of-attention stubborn skeptic I am, I immediately wanted to determine exactly how Amazon was definitely not going to change my shopping experience. 

So I clicked the slide.
Yes. I'm aware that's exactly what the evil geniuses at Amazon wanted me to do.

Which brought me to the next page with a second slide featuring this image:

img credit: forbes.com

img credit: forbes.com

Oh...snap. Shit just got real.

Ok Amazon, way to bring your A-game.
Then I started browsing the different brands you can get them for (there's about...one zillion), and thinking hmm what would I need this for? What could I manufacture a reason to need this one for, or that one for! Which led me to this:

img credit: blog.usertesting.com

img credit: blog.usertesting.com

And ultimately to this blog post. I haven't come to a conclusion on the dash button yet other than Amazon is definitely going to take over the world and there's nothing we can do to stop it. If you still don't really get what the dash button is, here's a nice & easy video.

All in all, I think the most important takeaway from this is a solid idea for the best prank ever. Take your annoying friends' even more annoying little kids, give the kids the button and bring on the packages! Yee haw!