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Common Core Standards

I was a teacher for 2 years in Hawaii, first teaching 5th grade then high school science. Although not currently teaching, I am passionate about the education issues we currently face and believe discussion about the future state of education is important. An always frequent topic of debate between educators and at professional development gatherings was/is the Common Core State Standards

I encourage you to visit the website and learn more about the evolution, their purpose, and to explore what they mean for education now and the future. Also, read some of the standards for yourself! I’ve shared two links one for elementary math and one to 11th/12th literacy (the standards can be hard to navigate if you don’t know how). Finally, after knowing more about what the Common Core Standards are, I have included a 40 min documentary investigating the history of these standards. The purpose of the documentary is Home School Legal Defense Association wanted to “create a “fair and balanced” presentation that would encourage people to look deeper into Common Core and to do their own research on the standards now working their way into the nation’s schools”.

Building the Machine introduces the public to the Common Core States Standards Initiative (CCSSI) and its effects on our children's education. The documentary compiles interviews from leading educational experts, including members of the Common Core Validation Committee.

By no means do I want this topic to become a political debate, but we are all very aware that politics play a large part in education and education plays a large part in politics. A simple google search of "common core standards debate” will overwhelm you with multiple perspectives about this issue. Below are some links for you to go over and watch, but feel free to do your own research and read testimonials from teachers, parents, politicians, students, etc. regarding their opinion of Common Core.


Editor's Note: Like Anna said, the curriculum requirements can be confusing to understand esp. if you're not familiar with reading curriculums (i.e. if you're not a teacher). I found it helpful to search The New York Times for articles on the Common Core Standards to get an idea of the narrative surrounding the change and people it's affecting (and what it means for us, or our kids).