Cedar Schimke
Copywriter, Market Researcher and Project Manager. Where big ideas become big reality.


It's at the core of great content and strong marketing. Appeal to the emotions and senses of your target market and you'll win customers and fans.

Northern Brewer

As the head copywriter for Northern Brewer, I wrote product copy for hundreds of new products. The challenge? Translating how a brewmaster talks about beer to how a customer will experience drinking that same beer. Translating the features of a complicated piece of equipment into the benefits to the customer. I wrote copy for beer, wine, cheese, coffee, equipment, and everything in between. 

Product Copy

Print Catalog

Limited Edition Beer Kits


Eater Twin Cities

Eater is an international resource for adventurous food-lovers, giving insider tips and news on where to eat. These articles give me a chance to showcase my knowledge of the city, sharing little known gems with readers. 


Serial Coders

Reinforce customer relationships in a saturated agency market. Serial Coders focuses specifically on independent businesses, but even that isn't enough to gain recognition in a hyper-saturated agency market. We created promoters from customers by designing materials that reinforced our clients' initial decision to work with us. Giving the client an idea of what to expect with a simple welcome letter and starter kit. Helping clients build their brand after working with us with a goodbye packet, instead of leaving clients to fend for themselves. By building goodwill, we gained customer support and, in turn, referrals.


Eversharp Knives

Build a thriving eCommerce storefront for local retailer and culinary superstar. Write copy for 200+ knives applying market research, competitive analysis and creative writing to create effective sales copy and differentiate Eversharp form its competitors.