Cedar Schimke
Copywriter, Market Researcher and Project Manager. Where big ideas become big reality.

Product Setup

Provide a seamless integration between customer experience and order fulfillment. I'm an expert in product setup using NetSuite ERP and Magento, and have tested hundreds, if not thousands of product configuration and data flow between systems. 



The first mass product import I was involved in happened in a matter of days. It required intensive reconciliation. I got involved once the import had taken place. My challenge was reconciling product setup between ERP systems in order to get inventory decrementing properly. I diagnosed the problem, created the solution for fixing it, and implemented that solution. Beyond finding and correcting mass systematic errors in NetSuite, I have set up thousands of products and integrated those products across eCommerce and warehouse management systems.




I am intimately familiar with product setup in Magento. We first met when I was in charge of setting up conditions and rules for eCommerce promotions. Magento and I really got serious when I took over product setup. Thousands of configurable, bundled, simple, and group products later, my relationship with Magento hasn't been without its battles, but I'm comfortable saying I know the Magento platform inside and out.