Cedar Becomes DJ of the Ocean Beach Hostel

May 2, 2017
Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Meandered around Ocean Beach, stopping at the Lazy Hummingbird coffee shop and wandering over to the post office for boxes to mail our excess trail food to Idyllwild.

Spent the afternoon building my website on the front porch of the hostel and coming to terms with the sentiment that shipping is more important than perfection, so I launched my 'good enough' website and headed out into the sun on the back patio. 

I put Sun-In in my hair and drank beer from Modern Times and Golden Road (before I found out they were owned, womp womp), and finally took the time to really talk to the other travelers staying at the hostel. I met cardigan Phil (Canada), and Amy and Alex (UK). Our afternoon on the patio turned into a barbecue and beer pong tournament, to which I happily chose the soundtrack. Alex and Phil played for the champion title (if you can really call a beer pong winner a champion) and I DJ'd with my JBL speaker. We stayed up way too late and went to not-bed with not-sleeping in our not-nicely-temperatured room with new German roomates, but all is well because we made friends and had fun and are embracing the last three days of unencumbered, jobless life in civilization.