To the Sunny Hostel of Ocean Beach, San Diego

May 1, 2017
Redlands, CA to Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Arrived at the hostel after stopping at a vegan rooftop restaurant called Trilogy Sanctuary. The restaurant was an oasis in the heart of San Diego with great food and a relaxed, sunny vibe. Weather today is perfect, and the back porch at the Ocean Beach hostel is both relaxing and just chaotic enough to keep me from thinking about what the F I'm doing going out into the wilderness for five months.

It should be noted that Ocean Beach has wild parrots flying around. 

Whilst relaxing, there isn't much to write about. Just drinking beer, enjoying wearing normal clothes, and eating 100% grass-fed beef hamburgers at the New Zealand pub around the corner from the hostel.

A positive note? Greg took really cool videos of us sliding down the mountain yesterday. A negative? The hostel room is hotter than shit and it's impossible to sleep when I'm trying not to sweat to death.