Finally, We Make Progress

May 8, 2017
Mount Laguna to Highway Overlook (road walk)
Highway Overlook to Chariot Canyon, Mile 63.7
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 4

Tonight I am off the ridge camping in a canyon with about thirty other hikers. We sat around and Papa Oats (the fellow with the traveling guitar) played songs while a brave mouse poked its head in and out of a hole near our dinner spot.

Vinny, Corey, and the Australian are camped so close as to nearly be on top of my tent. They asked if I cared, and then told me they wouldn't move even if I did—nice. Alex is here, Left and Right, Denise the ER nurse, Hannah, Sam, Cake, Will, Colten, Rise & Shine, Flame, and Sphagnum PI who I have not officially met yet, only heard trail rumors of. 

I stopped and rested at a stream today after meeting Stone and Beaver. Stone has hiked the 800-mile Arizona Trail, which goes through (!) the Grand Canyon. 

My blisters are horrendous, but I've been doing everything I can do to treat them, and I think once they're healed I should have great calluses. I can't imagine any other spot on my foot getting a blister, there's just nowhere left that doesn't already have a blister. I walked another 20+ miles today which I'm sure didn't help my blisters or bruised toenails. I am working on my hateful relationship with Mark's tent, mostly because it flaps incessantly in the wind, but it's free and puts a roof over my head so we (me and the tent) are going to try to make it work.