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Trail Journal

A journal about making time for adventures, to see the bigger picture, to find your connectedness to the world, and to explore everything in the short time we have on this beautiful planet.

Finally, We Make Progress

May 8, 2017
Mount Laguna to Highway Overlook (road walk)
Highway Overlook to Chariot Canyon, Mile 63.7
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 4

Tonight I am off the ridge camping in a canyon with about thirty other hikers. We sat around and Papa Oats (the fellow with the traveling guitar) played songs while a brave mouse poked its head in and out of a hole near our dinner spot.

Vinny, Corey, and the Australian are camped so close as to nearly be on top of my tent. They asked if I cared, and then told me they wouldn't move even if I did—nice. Alex is here, Left and Right, Denise the ER nurse, Hannah, Sam, Cake, Will, Colten, Rise & Shine, Flame, and Sphagnum PI who I have not officially met yet, only heard trail rumors of. 

I stopped and rested at a stream today after meeting Stone and Beaver. Stone has hiked the 800-mile Arizona Trail, which goes through (!) the Grand Canyon. 

My blisters are horrendous, but I've been doing everything I can do to treat them, and I think once they're healed I should have great calluses. I can't imagine any other spot on my foot getting a blister, there's just nowhere left that doesn't already have a blister. I walked another 20+ miles today which I'm sure didn't help my blisters or bruised toenails. I am working on my hateful relationship with Mark's tent, mostly because it flaps incessantly in the wind, but it's free and puts a roof over my head so we (me and the tent) are going to try to make it work.