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A journal about making time for adventures, to see the bigger picture, to find your connectedness to the world, and to explore everything in the short time we have on this beautiful planet.

It's Paradise Cafe Day

May 13, 2017
Tule Springs to Paradise Cafe
Paradise Cafe to the mountaintop before Idyllwild
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 9

Sleeping alone was peaceful. No rush in the morning. I was cooking and the boys (Cake, Colten, Sam, Alex) caught up at Walden. It was great to see them, it's uplifting anytime I see friends or familiar faces on trail. Like I'm not alone out here, and I have a team, and we're doing this together.

I spoiled my appetite for Paradise Cafe with hot dogs wrapped in pancakes topped with mustard and syrup. A family who want to be future PCT thru-hikers had trail magic today: pancakes in the morning, hot dogs in the afternoon. I came at the lucky in-between and made a glorious combination meal of both. Brunch trail magic. 

After brunch trail magic we got a hitch to the cafe in the back of a pickup truck. I had a hamburger that was clearly from some kind of pre-formed meat patty. It could be my irrationally high expectations, it could be the pancake-wrapped hot dogs, and it could be the fact that I didn't stick to salad and a good sandwich, but the meal I had left me with nothing but regrets.

I hiked my regrets off by leading the boys for the next 10 miles, up a mountain to a ridge just before Idyllwild. We were jumping over boulders, up and up, over really hard terrain, and I stayed in the lead. I felt really proud. The mountain ridge we all ended up camping at had magical tree protection and plenty of friends—Cake, Flame, Sam, Alex, Matt, Just Paul, to name a few of my growing group that is starting to feel like family.