Idyllwild: Our First Zero Day

May 15, 2017
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 11

Started the day with a cold leftover chimichanga and Higher Grounds coffee. Laundry at 8am with hiker laundry tips from the very knowledgeable laundromat owner. Sam got a neat loaner outfit while the wash is in, it's all pink complete with polka dot pants.

We don't need our snow gear for San Jacinto, so we forwarded four boxes of ice axes, crampons and hiking boots up the trail to Kennedy Meadows.

Our check-in time to the Idyllwild cabins was super delayed, so the sisters let me shower in their cabin (with a shower beer and the hottest water ever!). 

I splurged on 99-cent mascara at Fairway Foods, then found most of my supplemental resupply food at the organic-focused Village Market. Went out for pizza with Stone and Denise, and were joined by several of the gang. Grocery shopping included picking up ingredients for biscuits & gravy (essential pre-summit food for tomorrow morning) and for Al's special recipe of chocolate chip cookies. Cake tended the fireplace and iced his shin splints while Flame, Colten, Sam, Al and I went out for a beer at the local brewery.

Our first mountain summit, of Mt. San Jacinto, is set for tomorrow. I've decided to walk the entire way up from Idyllwild instead of taking the shuttle to the Devil's Slide trailhead.