Ladyhiker Problems

May 19, 2017
Mission Creek (Mile 232) to Arrastre Creek (Mile 256)
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 15

Big Bear tomorrow, I just have to get there through the searing pain of cramps that come like clockwork every 30 seconds. I don't get cramps in real life, but I've read that trail periods are supposed be different and unpredictable, so I guess debilitating cramps are the surprise I never got to look forward to! Tomorrow I get real, hot food. I get to soak my feet in epsom salt and help these blisters heal. I get a room with a fireplace. I get beer. This gets me walking again after doubling over in pain every half minute. 

I made new friends, pushed through the pain, and kicked some butt. I was going to keep walking, but after the offer of my first campfire on-trail I stopped at the Arrastre Trail Camp. I was the first one to get here of my trail family; the folks here have been hiking since the beginning of April. No judgement, but what the hell do you do to only make it this far after over a month of hiking? At any rate, they're friendly and a handful of welcome new faces, so I stopped. As usual, the twenty other people in my family showed up within a few hours.

I'm thinking a nero into Big Bear followed by a full zero the next day are in order. Turns out, after hiker friends sharing food and trail magic, my food supply is just enough to feed me and leave me with a light, food-free pack into Big Bear.