Oasis at Mission Creek

May 18, 2017
Mesa Wind Farm (Mile 212) to Mission Creek
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 14

Eating, eating, eating. Getting creative eating. Mixed crushed up black raspberries with a drizzle of water and honey to get makeshift jam—delicious! Added olive oil to freeze-dried veggies and Sky Island Organics trail mix to make trail salad!

The trail out of the wind farm went up a hill and down into a hot, hot, hot desert valley. It's the lowest point in California at San Gorgonio Pass, and the steep climb leads into the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

Coming down into the valley I stopped at Whitewater Springs and met trail angel Legend and a girl from New Brighton, MN. Legend told me a story about the elf house on Lake Harriet (he calls it a fairy house), and he made me coffee and an egg sandwich. On the way back to trail from Whitewater Springs i ran into the whole gang—Rise, Shine, Alex, Colten, Sam, Cake, Beaver, Gary, Dana, Land Mammal, Justin, Sonya. They were resting in the shade of a riverside rock called Red Dome, washing their feet. I walked upstream to try and find a dry place to cross the river, and ran into a teepee! From Whitewater to Mission Creek was a brutal, solo, shadeless and waterless climb. The sun beat down, I sucked down water and hoped I wouldn't run out, hoped the creek on the map would come soon and have running water, and walked, walked, walked without seeing anyone. More sand, more rocks, more grass, more trail, no stream. Walking, walking, sweating, walking, burning, walking.

Finally, after a long, meditative afternoon of trying to focus on walking instead of overheating, I came to a sprawling tree at the edge of a beautiful creek. A true oasis. I set down my pack, took off all my clothes except my bra and spandex, and submerged myself in the gorgeous, flowing creek. I washed my legs, arms, and feet, dunked my head under, and sat soaking my worn body in the crystal clear, heavenly water.

I spent the afternoon by the creek, resting and eating unbelievable amounts of food as, one by one, my trail friends joined me under the tree. Papa Oats, Alex, Colten, Sam, Rise, Shine, Dana, Sonya, Sara, Flame, Gary, Land Mammal, Beaver, Cake. Once the sun dipped behind the valley walls, we made it a few more miles and set up camp. It's my first night cowboy camping, and I'm using my tent as a ground sheet.

In blister news, I made the mistake of thinking a blister was healed that, in fact, was not healed. Instead of putting Neosporin and a bandage on the blister before covering it with Leukotape, i put Leukotape directly on the blister. When I removed the tape at the end of the day today, I removed all the skin with it. It hurts like hell, but pain is an effective teacher and I will not be making the mistake again of under-treating my blisters to save time.