The Glorious Silverwood Lake

May 24, 2017
Rainbow Bridge (Mile 310) to Mile 334 (Just Past Silverwood Lake)
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 20

Beautiful hike today. After the barren desert, coming out of a steep climb to Silverwood Lake was a dream. Foothills leading down to a massive body of sparkling blue water. The trail followed the edge of the lake for a few miles, where I stopped for a break at Cleghorn Picnic Area. Determined not to get vortexed, I avoided ordering pizza with the rest of the gang and instead lightened my pack with a hearty lunch of food I was already carrying. Silverwood Lake was beautiful, but the best part about it was the TRASH CANS! One thing thru-hiking makes you very acutely aware of is how much trash you generate from eating. So. Much. Trash. I never realized how much of a treat it was to find a trash can on or near the trail, but it's more exciting than finding a bathroom and nearly as exciting as finding trail magic. Without my trash, and with my lunchtime food consumption, my pack became infinitely easier to load up.

I called mom and dad today. I need to send them my Acton resupply box request soon so it makes it there in time. Starting the morning out alone lends itself to hiking for the rest of the day mostly alone. When I camp with others, no matter how early I set out to make up for my slower pace, the rustle of taking down a tent and the other thru-hikers' eagerness to pound out miles is a recipe for destroying any chance at a head start.

As it turns out, I must have lightened my pack a little too much during lunch at Silverwood Lake. The trail took a sharp turn up a ridge, and the climb plus overeating was literally vomit inducing. Turns out my stomach cavity is not quite big enough to handle taking in my calorie needs, so I'll need to do a better job of spreading out my food consumption over the course of the day.

Cajon Pass and the infamous McDonald's tomorrow.