Pool and a Party at the KOA

May 30, 2017
Messenger Flats to Acton KOA (Mile 444)
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 25

Pleasant stop at a ranger station on the way into Acton, followed by a maddening loop-around hill just before descending to the KOA. Here, we see Coppertone's camper on the road to the right, and the trail veering to the left. We can't be sure if Coppertone's van is where we want to go, so we follow the trail. It leads around a mountain for another mile and a half, unshaded and drenched in blistering, direct sun. Finally, the trail descends to the exact spot that Coppertone's camper is parked. Ugh.

The Acton KOA has blessedly shaded campsites, pints of ice cream, and a big blue pool. I had been hoping we would get a big showing tonight at the KOA, but the few members of the trail family here so far say they will hike on.

One by one, more of us show up. We rope an employee into driving us into town to get beer, I find a restaurant that will deliver pizza, and everyone—EVERYONE stays. Justin goes into town with Alex, buying beer to share with everyone. We swim, suntan, relax, and delight in this desert oasis. The boys return with a few additional surprises, including a huge, fresh, succulent watermelon that is quickly devoured.

What a delight to spend a sun-soaked afternoon with my trail family, swimming in a pool, drinking cold beer, eating pizza. Even Silver Fox goes for a dip, and all is well in the thru-hiking universe.


When you can see Coppertone's camper on the highway to the right but head left to stay on trail, and end up hiking an extra mile over completely exposed sand hills and scrub brush just to end up at the same spot as Coppertone's camper. Sigh. 

Justin brought a watermelon and beer from town after getting a hitch with a KOA employee. Honey & Moon are sitting at the table on the right, they're a Swiss couple hiking part of the trail for their honeymoon (thus, the name).