The Desert Rears its Fiery Head

May 29, 2017
Sulfur Springs to the Fire Station
Fire Station to Messenger Flats
Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike: Day 24

I'm writing this from beneath a picnic table at the fire station with my feet up, staying out of the sun (impossible), listening to the speaker/intercom. There's a small brush fire but they kept it controlled. It's extremely hot out. Extremely hot. Barren. No shade, anywhere. This is what I expected the desert to be like, and I'm finally getting what I expected.

Sam is making a mango banana "smoothie" with fruit he got from a trail angel. Right and Left are here too. I put coconut oil in my hair to try and keep it moisturized. 

I had an idea for a sinister desert fortress, surrounded by poodle dog bush instead of a moat. I had an encounter with poodle dog bush today, but Silver Fox assured me I'd be alright as long as I wiped it off quickly. 

I got to Messenger Flats after a long second half of the day. Part of the family is here. The campground came as a welcome appearance over the horizon after a precarious, dangerous, wind-heavy burn area at the top of the hill and teetering with widowmakers. The campground is closed to the public, which meant we had it all to ourselves. There's really nothing that tops seeing friendly, familiar faces at the end of the day.

 Getting to Messenger Flats just in time for sunset.

Getting to Messenger Flats just in time for sunset.