Once upon a time, I held the title of Elf at Santaland. As out-of-character as it was for me (and still is), it is a testament to my ability to step up to the plate. To leap outside of my comfort zone and follow through even if it means overcoming moments of mortification or vulnerability. 

My commitment to, ownership of, and engagement in my work translates to achieving excellence against all odds. I find shared humor in suffering, opportunity in failure, and the possibility for turning mistakes into wins. I am a leader, first and foremost, and I have had my triumphs and tragedies to teach me that the ability to set an example comes with the responsibility to make it a good one. 

I make things, but my unique value is in making things better. I anticipate and solve ambiguous problems, making connections and bridging gaps along the way. I am adept at communicating complex concepts, both internally and externally, keeping stakeholders aligned and engaged. I learn fast, easily adapting to change. I am curious in unfamiliar situations, rather than afraid. I take ownership of my success and my failure, learning from both. My work and volunteer history are stories of growth. I take a position, own it, and grow with it from a simple elf into an indispensable Santa's helper.