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Slow Food

Slow Food Minnesota plans an annual foraged foods dinner, partnering with a chef and farm to create a dinner entirely from local and foraged foods. The timing is essential, as foraged plants abide by no set schedule, and often are only visible for a few days. 

The event is educational, intended to educate our community on better food systems. We coordinated speakers and activities to keep guests engaged, culminating in a gorgeous dinner. 


APICS Programs

The challenge: encourage a younger demographic to attend events without neglecting the existing membership. Target topics that appeal to all career levels. Youth-ify programs by holding the event in exciting locations, giving comfortable opportunities for networking, and updating the promotional materials to convey an up-and-coming, trending look and feel.

By shying away from hotels and suburban party rooms of program calendars past, millennial attendance and satisfaction increased. Participation from the younger demographic ranged from college undergraduates to young professionals, while keeping attendance from our core member demographic strong.

Mixing up the venues and changing how the events gave APICS members more to take away. Young professionals gained the opportunity to network with C-level executives, gaining invaluable advice for how to proceed in their careers. Executives gained insight on how to recruit quality young professionals into their employment.


Center of Gravity

When writing instructions for a 7-foot tall brewing stand that packs 72,000 BTU's of combined heat, safe assembly is essential. But how to communicate safe assembly of a complex product with instructions users would actually follow? Show, don't tell. Create highly visual instruction and support those instructions with a companion video for customers to follow along.


Captain Crush Grain Mill

Breakthrough technology in home-milling that requires the end-user to assemble and fine-tune. The instructions for this grain mill needed to teach the user how to assemble the mill and how to troubleshoot their own assembly.



The first mass product import I was involved in happened in a matter of days. It required intensive reconciliation. I got involved once the import had taken place. My challenge was reconciling product setup between ERP systems in order to get inventory decrementing properly. I diagnosed the problem, created the solution for fixing it, and implemented that solution. Beyond finding and correcting mass systematic errors in NetSuite, I have set up thousands of products and integrated those products across eCommerce and warehouse management systems.




I am intimately familiar with product setup in Magento. We first met when I was in charge of setting up conditions and rules for eCommerce promotions. Magento and I really got serious when I took over product setup. Thousands of configurable, bundled, simple, and group products later, my relationship with Magento hasn't been without its battles, but I'm comfortable saying I know the Magento platform inside and out.